Cheap Denmark Home Soccer Jersey 2016 | Fc Kingdom

Fc Kingdom is one of the best retailers in UK, selling a great number of national football shirts of various countries. The Denmark home shirt consists of 50% red cloth and various shades of red, which represent the theme color of the Denmark football team. Same with its tradition, the new soccer jersey’s front is embroidered with the national badge of Denmark national football team. Left logo of Adidas is outlined with white to make sure the logo is striking against the red base color.


The light-weight and high-performance are outstanding in moisture wicking and air circulation, promoting the sweat evaporation and improving the footballers’ comfort. In addition to detail information above, there are more details around collar, where the slogan “En Del af Noget Større” was written. All white designs like white collar and symbolic three stripes are all noticeable against the base red color. If you are finding some football shirts similar, click here for more information.